Curried eggs recipes

Spicy Fried Masala Eggs / Curried Eggs

Masala Curried Eggs! A scrumptious quick recipe full of proteins; fit for a king.

This 10 minutes recipe of eggs simmered in exotic spices and garnished with lush green heavenly coriander is a delicious appetizer that everyone would love.

The idea for this recipe came from my mother, who has been cooking this mouthwatering food recipe for years. After years of enjoying my mum's magical delicious spicy fries masala eggs, I have now decided to share with you this secret recipe!This recipe is simply boiled eggs sliced in half and then pan-fried and coated with exotic spices, topped off with freshly chopped coriander.

It is an incredible variation to an egg curry, an alternative to the saucy curries, yet this has such a depth of flavour if you use quality spices and make Laxmi's garam masala.

A quick and easy dish to take to a party, picnic or BBQ. Enjoyed hot or cold.

The sweet, mellow garlic flavour will give the masala a heavenly aroma and rich taste. The sizzling minced green chilli and spicy aroma of garlic paste will give a desi touch making it savoury and appetizing.

Let's make our divine Spicy Masala curry Fried Eggs! Before cooking, make sure every ingredient is clean and washed thoroughly. Health should always be the preference. 

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